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Intense interest for the 6th “Ecotec”

The 6th edition of the international exhibition “Ecotec-Environmental Technologies & Photovoltaic Systems” that was held from the 18th to 21st of April at the exhibition center “Metropolitan Expo” has made a positive impact.

The coexistence of “Ecotec” with the exhibitions “Domicatec” and “Hellenic Aluminum” was successful and the number of visitors satisfactory, given the crisis and the coming of the new law for the Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

This time, visitors’ interest was focused mainly on domestic solutions for energy saving and autonomy as well as forms of energy such as biomass, while for the representatives of the local authorities, at the forefront of their interest, were the suggested solutions to the urgent for them issue of waste management.

The conferences that accompanied the exhibition offered valuable information to the public.

International developments in the fields of waste management and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) were presented by prestigious organizations such as “SPEF” (Association of Producers  for the Energy for Photovolatics), the Hellenic Association of Designers and Installers of Domestic Photovoltaic "HELIOS",  “WTERT GREECE” (Waste to Energy Research and Technology council), “HSWMA” (Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association), “PASEPPE” (Greek Association
of Environmental Protection Companies) and others.

Furthermore, pilot applications in the field of RES were presented by the PRAXI HELP-FORWARD Network - as the Greek-Cypriot innovation that, in collaboration with other organizations, develops legislation issues such as the new law for RES as well as innovations by companies of the sector that participated in the exhibition.

Also, for the first time emphasis was given on security issues in the field of environmental professions and volunteering. The representatives of “Let's Do It” informed the public about the outcome of their respective campaign.

“Ecotec - Environmental Technologies & Photovoltaic Systems" is organized every year by “T Expo”, under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and is supported by almost all organizations in the sector.

The sponsor of the exhibition was the company aleo solar and grand media sponsors the magazine «Ecotec» and "SKAI".


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